Moving forward, let’s take a step back

Peninsula Dreaming - luxury bespoke gifts.

I’ve always been a lover of candles. One of my fondest early childhood memories is of holding a candle whilst singing my heart out at our local carols by candlelight. I think it was the atmosphere, sense of community and sheer beauty of those nights by candlelight that are etched in my memory.

I have loved candles ever since. Back in my childhood most of the candles we had around the house were not scented, but used for special dinners, birthday cakes, at local Christmas carols, and every time the power went out! It was all about the ambience, the feelings evoked, and the flickering flame. Now we are spoiled for choice with amazing aromatic oils and fragrances that enhance the whole candle experience!


As much as I love candles I'm also a lover of nature. As a child, the mere sight of the ocean or smell of the salt air brought me joy, and gave me a sense that all was well in the world. Mountains or ocean, I believe nature brings a healing element we often underestimate. The older I get, the more I understand the importance of sustainability, protecting what we have and what is irreplaceable.

Sometimes, to move forward, we need to take a step back. I don’t remember life without factories mass producing items. I don’t remember life when everything you could eat, wear, or drink was made, grown and tended to by human hands, in the town or country in which you lived. But I am told, even though life was slower, and you had to wait for things... (Can you imagine?), the air was less polluted, the local economy could thrive, and local growers, artisans and manufacturers were much needed and valued.

I’m not saying everything was better back then. I love all the modern conveniences and immediate availability of things as much as the next person, but I do believe there is much we can learn and take away from taking a step back, to ensure we can make better choices for the future.


It was from my passion for candles and nature, that Peninsula Dreaming was born. I wanted to create candles that were visually beautiful, made by human hands from natural resources (sand & clay, sourced in Australia).

Gordon Studio Glass Blowers Red Hill.jpg

I also wanted to use the colours of nature’s canvas to create candles where you could watch the flame flickering and let time stand still, even for a moment. After a few failed attempts at creating something I was visually and ethically happy with, I came across Gordon Studio Glass blowers in Red Hill.

From the minute I walked into the gallery I was taken aback by the colours, the reflections of light through the glass, and the exquisite craftsmanship.

Gordon Studio Glass Blowers Red Hill Bespoke Candles.jpg

Here is a little trivia for you. Did you know that the art of glass vessel production began on the Italian Peninsula in 500B.C. They say glassblowing techniques were first invented by the Phoenicians in 50B.C. on the Syro-Palestinian coast. I tell you...there is something that resonates with the Peninsula’s, water and reflection when it comes to handmade glass! Don’t you think?

Looking forward to sharing more of my thoughts and journey with you soon!