This is where I live. This is why I care.


You will often hear locals talk about how lucky or blessed they feel to live on the Peninsula.

In summer our beaches are filled with all ages from all over Victoria, enjoying water activities and breathing in the clean salty air. How good does it feel after a day of nature’s salt therapy at the beach, or being revived by the clean mountain air?

For locals our social media feeds are filled with pictures of the clear waters and stunning surrounds, especially when the sun is out!

We are surrounded by nature’s beauty at every turn.

View from Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula.jpeg

For me, living here has been a really healing experience and I am forever grateful. There was a time in my life when I just felt the light go out. Not just for a week or two. For three and a half long years.

Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions and your light was slowly fading?

When all you want to do is disappear but you just can’t let other people down, you can’t stop the train and get off even for a little while because you’re scared you won’t be able to get back on?

I was a music teacher, music was my world. During those years I couldn’t even touch the piano, write songs or even listen to music!

For someone who is a communicator, loves to talk and write, there were no words. I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to say and I felt like I was becoming a stranger in my own body.

Stormy pic.jpeg

I became anxious over the smallest things to the point it was easier not to see anyone, just shut myself down and disappear. There was a strange peace in that, no pressure, no obligations to talk about how I felt, what was happening around me & inside me. It was like somebody had turned out the light and there was nothing I or anyone could do.

In hindsight this was a long time coming. I had pushed myself way beyond my capacity, through some pretty difficult circumstances, for way too long, and there is always a consequence to that physically & emotionally.

Apart from always dreaming about living by the water, when I moved to the Peninsula, I moved to escape, to heal, and just be. Where there would be no expectations, it could be simply me and nature.


I remember finding a rock by the bay and sitting on it for hours, just staring & listening to the lapping water. Sometimes I’d take a journal, but there were no words to write. No feelings to share or explore. Nothing. So I’d watch the water & learn the long lesson of how to just be.

Walking track Sorrento.jpg

Peninsula Dreaming Collections began and it continues to be a passion project for me.


You see, the ocean, the bay & its surrounds were so instrumental in me feeling life again. I can’t imagine what the world would be like without the stunning beauty of what we have & I don’t even want to imagine life for future generations without being able to enjoy it and all the energy it brings.

Arthurs Seat from Sorrento.jpg

One of the big turning points for me was hearing that unless we make some big changes in the toxic waste we produce, we may have no sea life in our oceans within 27-30 years. Our toxic waste is ending up in our oceans and bays & our sea life are becoming sick & dying.

Birds over the ocean.jpg

Just as you can’t put a time frame on emotional healing, you can’t put a price tag on sustaining what is irreplaceable. Our sea life, clean oceans & bays are irreplaceable.

And that is why I am so passionate about what I do and what I am working to create.

I make choices that cost me, I choose local artists & creative’s to make our candle glass & ceramics. I love to support local artists. I love to support what is made locally.


Coconut soy wax, hand crafted candle glass and ceramics are more expensive for me to buy, but my reason for going in this direction is greater than monetary value. Trust me, I need to make a living as much as anyone else. I love seeing our candles returning to us for refills, instead of being thrown into landfill. Refilled and recycled like new, that outweighs the dislike of cleaning them.

The Peninsula Colour Collection.jpg

Sometimes it’s hard to do all the right things for our environment & it takes more effort. Sometimes it costs us more to make the changes we need to. It’s so easy to leave making the changes to others, lots of people say it’s too late or it’s all a fuss over nothing.

Science reports have clearly shown us that there needs be change. I am not perfect in any way when it comes to recycling and environmental issues, but I am learning, and making small changes where I can. I love what we have as it has given so much to me & many others.

In our next blog I’m looking forward to sharing with you a little more about what is happening in our bay and environment along with the small changes we at Peninsula Dreaming are making.

Looking forward to sharing more of my thoughts and journey with you soon!

Marisa x