Peninsula Dreaming is a local family based business on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.


We are passionate about providing the highest quality, eco friendly soy candles with plans for more exciting products, blogs & information to come!

Beautiful, natural, vegan products that you can enjoy guilt free, all while respecting our environment & nature.

We want to encourage you to wake up & revitalise your senses by creating space in your busy lifestyle to get out into nature & take care of yourself in the healthiest & most natural ways possible. 

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Why the name Peninsula Dreaming?


From as early as I can remember, I have loved the ocean, bushland & bays of Australia. I recall long drives as a kid in the back seat of the car, squabbling with my younger brother on the way to our beach holiday destinations. Just as I didn’t think I couldn’t sit in the car one minute longer, I would catch a glimpse of the brilliant blue green shades of the water, smell the salty fresh air & all would be forgiven & forgotten - nothing but happy days ahead! Familiar story?


Over the years, in busy or stressful times I would often just daydream of long walks on the beach or in the bush land - just counting the days before I could get back to my happy place.


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I’ve been lucky enough to live on the Mornington Peninsula for a few years now & I get to see the gorgeous bay, ocean & bushland every day. 


After finishing studies in Nutritional Therapy & NLP, I have much deeper / comprehensive understanding of the importance of taking time out & finding new ways to create space so you can nurture yourself and clear your mind of day to day stresses. 


 What goes on in our minds effects our bodies in such a profound way - so apart from sharing our upcoming products I’m looking forward to posting regular blogs with lots of tips to work on detoxing our minds from day to day clutter together! 



Join us on the journey of Peninsula Dreaming, as we discover ways to bring a little

of the beautiful Peninsula to YOU, no matter where you are!

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